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Easy Guitar Hero 3 Achievements by bob8972

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Happy Easy Guitar Hero 3 Achievements by bob8972

Post by bob8972 on Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:39 am

Hey, i'm going to list some easy ways to get a few achievements in Guitar Hero 3 for the Xbox 360.

Guitar Hero 3

Track Master- Buy all songs from the shop (5G)
You can do this without buying anything. Go to Options>Cheats, and enter the following code which unlocks all songs:
YO, RB, RO, GB, RY, YO, RY, RB, GY, GY, YB, YB, YO, YO, YB, Y, R, RY, R, Y, O
After it says "Cheat Unlocked" go to the Store in Career or the Shop in Options, and when you enter the Store, you will automatically get the achievement. (Did it for me.)

Perfectionist- 100% a song (10G)
Go to Options>Cheats, and enter the following code which unlocks Hyperspeed:
O, B, O, Y, O, B, O, Y
After it says "Cheat Unlocked" go to any song (Pick "Slow Ride" since it's the easiest.), put Hyperspeed on X5, play the song on easy so it's not to slow or hard, and just make sure you don't miss a note and you should get the achievement.

Tail Between Your Legs- Refuse a boss battle (0G)
All you have to do is whenever a boss battle appears, decline it, and you get this pointless achievement.

Meet Your Maker- Beat one of the creators of Guitar Hero 3 at their own game (20G)
This achievement looks hard, but it's not. Just beat somebody at a game of Guitar Hero 3, like in "Battle," and you will get this achievement.

Tone Deaf- Beat any song on the expert difficulty with the games sound options turned down to zero (5G)
Go to Options>Sound(Forgot what it says in the game.), and turn everything down to 0, complete a song with no sound, and you will get this achievement.

Almost Got It- Fail a song passed 90% completion (5G)
Go to any song, and whenever you know it's the end, just keep strumming constantly until you fail the song, once you do that you will get this achievement, just make sure it is over 90% before you fail.

Blowin' It- Fail any song 10 times (5G)
Just pick any song, when it starts just keep strumming until you fail the song, do that 10 times, achievement unlocked.

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