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Gaming Forum Trophies (Trophies Deleted)

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Link Gaming Forum Trophies (Trophies Deleted)

Post by bob8972 on Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:25 pm

What are Trophies?
Like the PS3 Trophy system, Gaming Forum has it's own. You get a Trophy by doing a certain task, like make X amount of posts, make X amount of friends, make a topic with a certain amount of views, etc. The way this system works is that your trophies are just counted out of the total amount you earned.

What do they do?
Nothing really, they are just to show off and gain respect. The more you have, the more hardcore you look on the community, and if you have enough, you can get into the Top 10 Trophy Holders lists that is on the right where the widgets are. They can be fun to get, they are just like Xbox 360 achievements, and PS3 Trophies. The only difference is that they are not "automatic," as in they don't pop-up once you do it so you have to keep a look out. Some that involve making a certain amount of posts will however automatically add you to a group and you will get an e-mail notification that you are in the group.

How can I keep track of them? Who do I contact to add them?
The easiest way to keep track of them is to copy and paste all of the trophies, and save them on something. Microsoft Word, or Notepad would be the best thing to use. If you don't have them then ether send an e-mail to yourself, and save that message to your saved messages folder. Ether that or send yourself a private message on Gaming Forum, and save it to your save messages so you don't lose it. Whenever you unlock a trophy, go to that document or message, and delete the one you completed, and only show the ones you didn't complete. There's 2 ways to contact people to add your trophies, ether go on this topic:
Or contact an Administrator to add it for you. If it's a secret trophy we recommend you send a message to an Administrator so everybody doesn't know about it. If you unlocked a Secret Trophy, and we spot it, we will notify you about it.

Types of Trophies:
Bronze- Bronze trophies are really easy to get.
Silver- Silver trophies take a little work to get but they're not that hard to get.
Gold- Gold trophies are harder to get than the Bronze and Silver trophies.
Platinum- Platinum trophies are REALLY challenging to get, it's more of a show off to have these.
Battle Arena Trophies- Battle Arena Trophies are trophies you unlock by playing in the Battle Arena.
Secret Trophies- Secret Trophies are trophies that you do not know about until you unlock them.

List of Trophies

List of Bronze Trophies:
Gaming Forum Trophies:
B1- And so it Begins- Join Gaming Forum.
B2- Here I am!- Make an introduction of yourself.
B3- 100 isn't such a lonely number- Make 100 posts.
B4- I'M A CHAMPION!- Make 300 posts.
B5- Bob and me- Have bob8972 on your friend list.
B6- No posting for me - Go 5 days without making a single post.
B7- I want that one- Buy something with your points.
B8- Awkward...- Say 10 random things in the "Randomness" thread.
B9- Read em and weep- Win a bet that involves points.
B10- The survey- Take the official Gaming Forum survey.
B11- Mood Swings- Change your mood 10 times.
B12- You've been rep'd- Positive rep 20 different members.
B13- It's me!!!- Post a picture of yourself in the "Post pics of you" Thread.
B14- What's up?- Enter the chatbox at least once with someone else in it.
B15- Welcome to the club- Join 3 different open usergroups.
B16- Topic Locked!- Lock a topic or have one of your topics get locked.
B17- The poll- Vote and comment on a weekly GF Poll.
B18- Bonus is my middle name- Receive over 50 bonus points.
B19- About myself...- Fill in all the options for your profile. [About me, Favorite games, etc.]
B20- And the answer is- Send bob8972 a private message answering this math problem, [5 x 27 - 8 x 3 + 10 - 1 x 5 + 47].
B21- I'm on- Log on.
B22- I'm off- Log off.
B23- I'm a genius 1- Make a topic with over 100 posts + 500 views.
B24- Oh well that's an easy one- Answer a question in the "Help" Forum.
B25- I have an idea- Make a suggestion in the "Forum Improvements" Forum.
B26- SONY!- Make 5 posts in both of the "Sony" Forums.
B27- Let's-a-go- Make a post in all 4 "Nintendo" Forums.
B28- Need any help?- Post any kind of Cheat Code in the "Cheat Codes" Forum that actually works.
B29- Happy Birthday!- Wish a member a "Happy birthday" on their birthday.
B30- I achieved it- Point out that you've completed a trophy.
B31- Isn't this fun?- Make a Game in the "Forum Games" Forum with 25+ posts.
B32- Time to pretend- Make a post in the "Role-playing" Forum.
B33- Top 100- Get a spot in the Top 100 posters.
B34- Just letting you know- Warn or tell someone if they break a rule.
B35- Watching...- Watch a topic not made by you.
B36- 100 secret ones- Receive 100 Private Messages not by you.
B37- Post the rainbow- Make different post in all 14 different colors.
B38- That's all i needed to know- Ask all the staff members a question and have them answer it.
B39- I'm learning- Make a post in 5 different topics, not made by you, in the "School" Forum.
B40- It's art- Make an Art topic and submit 3 different original pictures by you.
B41- Sharing with you- Post 5 different videos in the "Videos" Forum.
B42- Clap- Just say "Clap" anywhere in a post. [This achievement is locked in "Randomness."]
B43- I'm listening too...- Make 5 posts in the "What are you listening to?" Thread. [They must all be different songs.]
B44- Down to the Arcade- Play and post in 20 different Arcade game topics.
B45- The GF smiley- Use the GF smiley 5 times in different posts.
B46- Lucky 7's- Make 777 posts.
B47- It's my birthday- Have your birthday pass on Gaming Forum.
B48- Easiest Trophy....ever!- Just go to the "Trophy Unlocked" Thread and point out that you've completed this trophy.
B49- Achiever- Suggest an idea for a Trophy.
B50- 5 times for fun- Log in 5 times in one day.
B51- Check this out- Put a url link to Gaming Forum on your youtube, myspace, facebook, etc. account.
B52- You saw that?- Be online for 15 minutes with bob8972 online.
B53- I'm a fan!!!- Become a fan on the official Gaming Forum Facebook page.
B54- Blogger- Make at least one blog update in the "Blogs" Forum, and comment on someone elseís blog.
B55- Thanks for reading- Read 55 trophy descriptions.
B56- Eggtastic- Find all 3 of the Gaming Forum Easter Eggs.
B57- Diggering- Digg or Twitter about Gaming Forum.
B58- Didn't like it...- Change your username at least once and have it last for more than 3 days.
B59- Bronze Member- Unlock 60 bronze trophies.
Battle Arena Trophies:
BA1- I'm here now what?- Join a team.
BA2- CHARGE!!!- Join a battle.
BA3- R.I.P.- Die in a battle.
BA4- Medic- Revive a teammate's HP.
BA5- For sale- Sell an item to someone that is worth 50 or more points.
BA6- It's not useless after all- Buy the "Worst Weapon Ever" Item.
BA7- Bob to the rescue- Use the "Bob8972" Item.
BA8- Ban Hammer- Use the "Ban Hammer" Item.
BA9- Sledge Hammer- Use the "Sledge Hammer" Item.
BA10- 1-UP- Use the "1-UP" Item.
BA11- Power of Music- Use the "Power of Music" Item.
BA12- Friendly Gift- Give an Item that is worth 100 or more points to a friend or BA13- member for free.
Secret Trophies:
ST1- Secret Trophy- Make more posts than a certain user.

List of Silver Trophies:
Gaming Forum Trophies:
S1-1K is good- Make 1000 posts.
S2- Hidden Achievement #1- Find the Hidden Achievement #1 in an old post.
S3- Hidden Achievement #2- Find the Hidden Achievement #2 in an old post.
S4- Hidden Achievement #3- Find the Hidden Achievement #3 in an old post.
S5- Hidden Achievement #4- Find the Hidden Achievement #4 in an old post.
S6- Hidden Achievement #5- Find the Hidden Achievement #5 in an old post.
S7- Bonus Achievement- Find the Bonus Achievement in an old post.
S8- Welcome to Gaming Forum- Welcome 10 different new members that joined after you.
S9- But I'm clean- Go 30 days without breaking a rule, even without getting warned by someone.
S10- Watch this!- Make an advertisement video for Gaming Forum.
S11- I'm so popular- Have over 20 friends.
S12- Join us!- Get somebody to join Gaming Forum.
S13- They say I'm cool- Receive 50 rep.
S14- Affiliating FTW- Ether make an affiliate for Gaming Forum, or put a Gaming Forum affiliate on another forum.
S15- I achieved- Make 10 different achievement topics in the "Achievements" Forum.
S16- Atta' boy!- Congratulate 10 different members in the "Achievements" Forum.
S17- They just keep coming- Have over 20 different profile messages.
S18- By yours truly- Make something for Gaming Forum.
S19- 50 words- Make an actual post with 50 or more words in it. [This achievement is locked in "Forum Games".]
S20- I'm an expert- Reach the "Expert" rank.
S21- 6 months of fun- Be on Gaming Forum for 6 months/180 days.
S22- Bonus is my first name- Receive over 550 bonus points.
S23- They were all so good too- Have over 5 different signatures that last 1 week each.
S24- Here you go- Make a signature or avatar for a member.
S25- Polls, Polls, and more Polls- Make 10 different topics that have polls.
S26- I'm a posting my lazor- Make a post in 20 different forums.
S27- I like that game- Make a post in all of the "Gaming Series" forums.
S28- Thanks Bill Gates- Make 30 posts in the "Microsoft" Forum.
S29- Pictures last forever- Make 50 posts with different pictures in them.
S30- I'm a genius 2- Make a topic with over 500 posts + 1000 views.
S31- Go Old-School- Make a topic, and make a post in 3 other topics in the "Old-School" Forum.
S32- Why so serious?- Make 10 posts in the "Serious Discussions" Forum.
S33- Top 80- Get a spot in the Top 80 posters.
S34- Top 60- Get a spot in the Top 60 posters.
S35- O rly?- Ask 10 different questions to 3 different members in the "Ask Me" Forum.
S36- Shhh, it's private!- Receive 1000 Private Messages not by you.
S37- Those funny little faces- Make different topics using all 26 different topics icons. [Make sure the topics aren't spam.]
S38- 100th trophy- Unlock 100 trophies.
S39- Quoting...- Quote 10 different members posts, not yours.
S40- TV- Make 20 posts in the "Television" Forum.
S41- Movies- Make 20 posts in the "Movies" Forum.
S42- GF is for Gaming Forum- Say GF 30 times in all different posts. [Make sure isn't related to "Girl Friend".]
S43- I'm 1337- Make 1337 posts.
S44- Ten everyday- Make 10+ posts everyday for one week. [Sunday - Saturday]
S45- I know a secret!!- Complete a secret achievement.
S46- Just in the nick of time- Complete a temporary achievement.
S47- Fought Hard- Complete a battle arena achievement. [The "I'm here now what?" and "CHARGE!!!" achievements do not count.]
S48- I'm #1!- Be the top poster of the day until the day is over. [Today's Top 20 Posters].
S49- Random Points- Buy the "Get random points (150-1000)", and get over 800 points by random.
S50- Unlock 55 silver trophies.
Battle Arena Trophies:
SA1- You won!- Win a battle.
SA2- Terminator 1- Kill 10 total people.
SA3- Terminator 2- Kill 30 total people.
SA4- Last one standing- Be the last person on your team still alive in a battle.
SA5- Valuable Customer 1- Buy 30 total items.
SA6- Valuable Customer 2- Buy all 21 Attack Items at least once.
SA7- Valuable Customer 3- Buy all 17 Defensive Items at least once.
SA8- Valuable Customer 4- Buy all 38 Items at least once.
SA9- Hitman- Inflect damage to every person on the other team.
SA10- I'm gonna kill you!- Inflect over 2000 total damage HP points in a single battle.
SA11- Reflect- Hit an enemy 3 times in a row before someone else does.
SA12- Girl Power- Use the "Samus" Item to get a "Metroid" off a teammate.
SA13- Defensive Powers- Use 10 different Defensive Items in a single battle.
SA14- 10 for 10- Use the "One" Item 10 times overall.
SA15- Protector- Use all 3 different shields in a single battle.
SA16- 500 points spent well- Buy 5 "Random Weapon" Items.
SA17- What a teammate- With your HP under 100, use a defensive item on a teammate to increase their HP.
SA18- The way of the Ninja- Use only Ninja Stars for 5 turns
Secret Trophies:
ST2- Secret Trophy- Send a certain amount of messages to a certain user.
ST3- Secret Trophy- Send a certain user a message asking him something.

List of Gold Trophies:
Gaming Forum Trophies:
G1- I'M RICH- Reach 5000 points.
G2- It seems like it was only yesterday- Be a member on Gaming Forum for 1 year.
G3- Your welcome- Have yourself "Thanked" 10 times.
G4- I'm so emotional- Use every single smiley in all different posts.
G5- I can't believe it...- Go through all of the 36 regular posting ranks without buying a custom rank.
G6- I have something to say...- Make 3 long reviews of all different games. [At least 3 paragraphs.]
G7- Top 40- Get a spot in the Top 40 posters.
G8- Special Forums FTW- Unlock all 5 Special Forums.
G9- So many forums, so little time- Make a post in every forum.
G10- 24 words- Make a post with EXACTLY 24 words in it.
G11- No A's Allowed- Try and to make at least one post without the letter A anywhere in it. [This achievement is locked in "Randomness" and "Forum Games".]
G12- I'm friends with a Ruler- Have somebody on your friend list who is ranked a "Ruler".
G13- Everyday- Make 2+ posts everyday for one month.
G14- Spam Free- Don't spam for 1 whole month/30 days.
G15- Hidden Picture #1- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #1".
G16- Hidden Picture #2- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #2".
G17- Hidden Picture #3- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #3".
G18- Hidden Picture #4- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #4".
G19- Hidden Picture #5- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #5".
G20- Hidden Picture #6- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #6".
G21- Hidden Picture #7- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #7".
G22- Hidden Picture #8- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #8".
G23- Hidden Picture #9- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #9".
G24- Hidden Picture #10- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #10".
G25- Hidden Picture #11- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #11".
G26- Hidden Picture #12- Find the "Hidden Achievement Picture #12".
G27- 63 Reps- Receive 63 rep.
G28- 300 posts in 30 days- Make 300 posts in 30 days.
G29- Iím Genius 3- Make a topic with 1000 replies, and 1500 views.
G30- Itís votable- Make a topic with a poll that doesnít have multi-option enable and get 20 or more votes on it.
G31- Gold Member- Unlock 35 gold trophies.
Battle Arena Trophies:
GA1- Terminator 3- Kill 50 total people.
GA2- 5 down...- Kill 5 people in a single battle.
GA3- Finish him!- Kill the last person on a team.
GA4- Murder- Kill a Team Captain. [Pikachumasterbrad, or Adnacard.]
GA5-Rarely Obtained- Receive and use a "Rare" Item.
GA6- Perfection- Finish a battle with 950 or more HP.
GA7- Best kill ever- Kill an enemy with a Rock or Boot.
GA8- True fighter- Finish a battle, from start to finish, without ever using a defensive item.
GA9- They did nothing at all- Kill someone with a Poison Mushroom or Metroid Item.
GA10- They love you!- Restore the health of a teammate's HP 10 times in a single battle without ever restoring your own HP.
GA11- Secret Trophy- Kill a certain type of member.
GA12- Secret Trophy- Kill a certain user.
Secret Trophies:
SA4- Secret Trophy- Make a certain amount of posts.

List of Platinum Trophies:
Gaming Forum Trophies:
P1- Is that right?- Find an old post by Bob8972 that is upside down.
P2- The promotion- Get promoted to ether Elite, Mod, GM, or GD.
P3- I have a reputation at state- Receive 100 rep.
P4- MOTM- Get the "Member of the month" award.
P5- Top 20- Get a spot in the Top 20 posters.
P6- Double it?- Make 5 posts in every forum.
P7- Untouchable- Never lose a warning for year.
P8- Found Them All!- Find all 12 "Hidden Achievement Pictures".
P10- Life of the party- Have 99 friends
P11- 200th Trophy- Unlock 200 trophies.
P12- Platinum Member- Unlock 7 platinum trophies.
Battle Arena Trophies:
PA1- Terminator 4- Kill 100 total people.
PA2- Victory is mine!- Win 10 total battles.
PA3- Items of Honor- Get "The Bed", "Poison Mushroom", and "The Wave" Items from the "Random Weapon" Item.
PA4- Bann3d- Kill 3 people in a single battle with the Ban Hammer Item.
Secret Trophies:
ST5- Secret Trophy- Talk to a certain user on a certain gaming console.
ST6- Secret Trophy- Make a certain amount of topics.
ST7- Secret Trophy- Make a certain amount of posts in a day.
ST8- Secret Trophy- Make a certain amount of posts.
ST9- Secret Trophy- Unlock a certain amount of Trophies.

Any questions? Contact an administrator for more info. Have fun with the Trophies.


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