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ZhyperMU Season 4....come and join happy ^^

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Happy ZhyperMU Season 4....come and join happy ^^

Post by restart12 on Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:41 pm

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*Link Removed*


Server Is [ONLINE]
Server Is Up For 24/7!

You are in a place with no way out (...)
Talking seriously…
You have a chance to take yourself off everyday boring life, or even your problems and take a tour to the world where you can win everything… or become defeated and lose everything in one moment. You want your emotions to reach sky high and have unforgettable moments in your life, we give you such chance – do not waste it

From the day you gained your life, you are the chosen one -
There is one master, with one future.
Show up on the rank, beat it, and be the master of legend, so what are you waiting for?
- gamers league!

We are offering "packet" by which game will be more interesting and full of emotions

Basic Information About Us :

We want to present you ZhyperMU which we worked many weeks on. All the effort we put in this work, let us make you sure that you will not regret any second spent in our virtual world!

Website & Forums :

* Server Homepage :
* Server Register :
* Server Community Forums :

Download Center Management :

* Download Full Game Client :
* Download Required Utilites :

Donation Gainments :

* Donation System :
* Donation Email :

Rewards and Votes :

* Mechanic Vote Link :
* Credit points :

Transfer System:

* Character Transfer:!

Support & Help Management :

* Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) :
* Contact Us :
* Terms Of Use(TOS) :
* Privacy Policy :

General Settings :

* Experience: 5000x
* Drop Rate: 80%
* Reset Level: [Normal 400]

Season4 Features :

* New Sets for all character class
* New Weapons for all character class
* New Skills for all character class
* New Maps, New Mobs
* New Effects
* New Events
* Castle Siege
* New Options
* Socket System

***el Success Rates :

***el Of Soul +7/+8/+9 + Luck = 75% / W. Luck = 90%
***el Of Bless +1/+2/+3/+4/+5/+6 + Luck = 100% / W. Luck = 100%
***el Of Life +4/+8/+12/+16/+20/+24/+28 = 100%

Chaos Machine :

+10 : Normal Rate + Luck : Normal Rate
+11 : Normal Rate + Luck : Normal Rate
+12 : Normal Rate + Luck : Normal Rate
+13 : Normal Rate + Luck : Normal Rate

Server Events :

* Devil Square (DS Event)
* Blood Castle (BC Event)
* Chaos Castle (CC Event)
* Castle Siege (CS Event)
* Kanturu (Maya Event/Nightmare Event)

Invasion :

* Golden Invasion (Every 2 Hour)
* White Wizard Invasion (Every 2 hours)

Server Rules(Simple) :


Senior Staff Contacts:

*Administrator: Nocturnal
- Email:
*HGM: Dany.
- Email:
*HGM: Fily
- Email:
*HGM: Excelsis
- Email:
*Community Manager: Paul
- Email:
*Lead Moderators: AjhaeGlenn
- Email:

Administrators Guild Name: ADMIN
AntiCheat Name: MuGuard

Did I mention I am a complete queerbag and a disgrace to the internet?

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Happy Re: ZhyperMU Season 4....come and join happy ^^

Post by CapnMatt on Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:34 pm

This is pretty much spam, kid! Don't just come on this site and expect everyone to listen to you! Don't be stupid and announce your or some website! Besides you but it in the wrong section! Try reading the Rules before you post! Alright!
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Happy Re: ZhyperMU Season 4....come and join happy ^^

Post by pikachumasterbrad12 on Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:54 pm

What he said ^

Well, this is an automatic I.P ban and this topic will be moved and locked.



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Happy Re: ZhyperMU Season 4....come and join happy ^^

Post by Sponsored content

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