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The Smittyblack Chronicles

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Happy The Smittyblack Chronicles

Hey Very Happy

I'm Smittyblack. Smile
I'm also Chris from ChrisAndBlake.

Since my life is boring other than ChrisAndBlake, I'll probably post MOSTLY about ChrisAndBlake stuff. But I'll probably post things that happened in my day if it's worth it. And that'll be rare. Razz

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But I'll put my Pokémon Black and White friend codes here after a bit
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The Smittyblack Chronicles :: Comments


Post on Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:57 am by bob8972

Like I do with everyone's blogs, I will be watching yours with great interest.

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Post on Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:41 am by Smittyblack

***RuneScape Goals***
-Get 99 woodcutting
-Get 99 firemaking
-Get 99 cooking
-Get 99 fishing
-Get 120 dungeoneering
-Get 99 defense
-Get 99 attack
-Get 99 strength
-Get 99 ranged
-Get 99 smithing
-Get 99 mining
-Get 99 crafting
-Get 99 constitution
-Get 99 runecrafting
-Get 99 magic
-Get 99 prayer
-Get 99 slayer
-Get 99 summoning
-Get 99 construction
-Get 99 agility
-Get 99 herblore
-Get 99 thieving
-Get 99 fletching
-Get 99 farming
-Get 99 hunter
-Get the quest cape
-Complete all tasks
-Get a partyhat

-35 firemaking
-60 cooking
-33 fishing
-14 dungeoneering
-45 defense
-43 attack
-44 strength
-24 ranged
-23 smithing
-35 mining
-27 crafting
-45 constitution
-16 runecrafting
-47 magic
-31 prayer
-23 slayer
-4 summoning
-20 construction
-28 agility
-10 herblore
-29 thieving
-18 fletching
-3 farming
-10 hunter

PARTYHAT STATUS: Good Smile I'm halfway there.

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Post on Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:36 am by bob8972

Please only make 1 blog and keep all of your posts in your original blog.

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