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Cloning In Pokemon Emerald

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Happy Cloning In Pokemon Emerald

Post by RubyNut on Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:31 am

The following cloning tricks only work for Emerald version.

Cloning Pokemon:

1. Save in front of the PC in the Battle Tower.
2. Deposit the Pokemon you want to clone in an empty box.
3. Leave the PC and save again.
4. Go to the PC one more time and withdraw the Pokemon you want to clone, the one that's in an empty box.
5. Talk to the lady on the far right, and she will ask you to join a Multi Battle.
6. Select Yes and choose any two Pokemon.
7. When she asks if you want to save, select Yes.
8. If everything so far has been done correctly, the game will wait about one second before doing anything else.
9. It doesn't matter what you do from here, the One Second wait was the glitch taking place.
10. Turn off your game, and now the cloned Pokemon is both in the PC and in your party.

1. Go to Battle Tower at Battle Frontier
2. Deposit Pokemon that you want to clone into the PC
3. Save the game
4. Withdraw the Pokemon that you deposited into the PC
5. Within the Battle Tower, go talk to the lady on the far right
6. Challenge any event with two eligible Pokemon
7. The lady will tell you that you have to save the game, pick YES
8. When the game will ask, "Would you like to save the game?", Don't do anything and just RESET THE GAME

How To Clone Items:

Say goodbye to cloning Pokemon with held items, I'm going to show you how to clone items.

Inside the Battle Tower in the Battle Frontier.

1) Pick your items
2) Put it/them as a hold item to any Pokemon inside your computer, you can do this by:
i. Turn it on.
ii. Pick Lanette's PC.
iii. Then pick move items.
3) Now that your Pokemon have their held item save your game.
4) Take the item from the Pokemon.
5) Go down and talk to the first lady you see to the left.
6) When she asks you to save say yes and while it's saving turn your game off and then turn it on.
7) Now it should say that there is a problem and the previous saved game will be loaded.
Cool Check your box and your Pokemon will have a hold item, the same hold item that is in your back pack.

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Happy Re: Cloning In Pokemon Emerald

Post by SgtAlano on Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:39 pm

FFFFFFUUUUUUU- I want emerald.

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Happy Re: Cloning In Pokemon Emerald

Post by VideoGameFreak519 on Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:51 am

do you know how to do the same in pearl?

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Happy Re: Cloning In Pokemon Emerald

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