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I'm on the Floating Continent, trying to take over the world!
Job/Hobbies :
I like to listen to music, play video games, read fantasy and comedy books, also I wish to be a farmer when I grow up
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About Me :
I'm just a guy who doesn't like to have too much friends. All this stuff happening to my life, I find it very hard to trust someone.

I tend to play a lot of video games and I usually like to spend a lot of time with my family. I am also a cat lover, cats are such cute animals... And so are Chocobos! Kweh!
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Profile - Giott M Flag_c10
Favorite Tv shows :
I usually watch stuff on the Comedy Network.
Like Comedy Now
Corner Gas
and such shows.
Sometimes I like to watch Canada's worst driver and how it's made on the discovery channel.
Favorite Movies :
I'm not into movies really...
Favorite Music :
My tastes in music mostly revolves in Punk, Rock, Country, a little Rap and a bit of video game music.
Favorite Bands :
Bouncing Souls, YellowCard, Rancid, Misfits, Screeching Weasel, etc.
Favorite Consoles :
Playstation 3
XBox 360
Nindendo DS
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Name: Ethan
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Giott M
Giott M

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