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Castle Siege

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Happy Castle Siege

Post by playwithme on Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:03 am


This week’s patch will include the much anticipated Ezulan Castle Seige.


• All guilds that would like to participate in the castle siege must register from “Castle Siege Manager” before the siege starts.

• The registration process can be done 1 hour before the castle siege begins.

• All guilds can participate in the castle siege, there’s no guild level and number of members required.

Once the siege starts, attacking guilds must destroy the Castle Guardian Stone so they can activate the sealing process of the castle. If they are not able to destroy the Guardian Stone within the allotted time, the siege will automatically end and the defending guild will be retaining the ownership of the castle.

If the Guardian Stone is destroyed, the sealing magic will be activated and Guild Masters from the attacking guilds may now proceed to the sealing chamber. At this point, Guilds Masters may now enter the transparent dome to start the sealing process, the last Guild Master to successfully seal the stone will be declared as the owner of the Ezulan Dragon Castle.

Benefits of winning the Castle Seige:

• Castle Owner will automatically receive the LB-Ezulan (Mount) and Ezulan Amarantis.

(175 Movement Speed, adds 30% to all resistance)

Ezulan Amarantis
Transformation Item

• The Castle Owner will have an authority to adjust the Tax Rate of the territory. Only the Purchase Tax is adjustable. The adjustment will take effect after 10 minutes. Tax can be adjusted by the Guild Owner every 8 hours.

• The Purchase Tax will be collected from the consumables bought by players in Nazallan, Suer and Pampus. Tax rate can only be adjusted from 0% to 5%. Collected Purchase Tax will automatically proceed to the Castle Funds.

• The update of the Castle Funds takes every hour and only the Castle Owner can access or withdraw the Castle Funds through the Castle Siege Manager NPC. Castle Owner can also send castle funds only from his/her members.

Want to experience more? Play the game! Not yet registered? Register now and experience Dragona.
For more details go to *Link Removed*


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