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A guide for anime that RandomGuard gave me on a different forum

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Happy A guide for anime that RandomGuard gave me on a different forum

Post by Smittyblack on Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:33 pm

"I was bored, so here's a quick(ish) guide to anime, it's split into categories to it's less intimidating.
    - Finding Source
    - Recommendations
    - Best way to watch
    - Random tips

So here we go.

[size=150]Finding sources[/size]
Asking for the source is bad. A lot of the time, they don't know, or will take days to reply, or will not reply at all. The following methods are a lot faster and more efficient than asking anyway.
    - - Great for everything
    - - Predicesor of Google's reverse image search, still works fine
    - - Great for .gif, particularly hentai, can be very unreliable
    - - Amazing for fan art
    - - Last resort, search for characters features

First things first, if the pictures inside a compilation, simply crop it out, if you're on Windows 7, use the snip tool in start>All Programs>Accessories>Snipping tool
Otherwise, just use paint to get the picture you want to use.

Google's reverse image search works a majority of the time for most pictures, simply click on the camera inside the search bar and select the pictures you want to search for, it'll then come up with all the pages this picture come up in, so simply go to the page and look at the title of the article, this is almost always the source. If your lucky, Google might even tell you the source of the image straight away.
Pic related, it's Google images telling you the source of the image straight away.
Tineye works in the same way, except without the guess at the source, if google get's it fucking wrong, then use Tinyeye.
Sauce Nao works the same way, except with animated gifs.

IQDB searches art archives for similar images, just click on the image it comes up with and check the tags on the left side of the screen
'But how do I know it's art and not animated?' I hear you ask, well, that's simple, common sense, lots of shading normally means it's art, pic related, it's art that's clearly not going to get animated anytime soon. Also, signatures are fairly good hints at it being art.

Take a wild guess at the Anime Characters Database, it's simply a lot of luck. Put in the characteristics of the character in the pictures, hope whoever it is comes up.
If none of these work, then try asking as a last resort.

Here's some random recommendations by categories, complete with picture of the show, thus letting you get a taste of the art and animation style.
I started in alphabetical order but got bored
Baccano! - Mafia, Immortals, 1930 America, amazing dub [ ]
Black Lagoon - Great action [ ]
Cowboy Bebop - One of the best ever [ ]
Darker than Black - Personal favourite, you could easily end up gay for the main character. [ ]
Kaze no Stigma - Average show, Main character is hilariously different [ ]

Golden Boy - Hilarious [ ]
Cromartie High - Personal favourite, has Freddy [ ]
Welcome to the NHK - Might hit too close to home [ ]
FLCL - I don't know what going on [ ]
Full Metal Panic - Fumoffu is best [ ]
Seitokai Yakuindomo - Sex jokes [ ]

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Completely changed all animu ever, seen by many as the best show ever [ ]
Code Geass - A show about terrorism []
Gurren Lagann - So many clichés it's funny [ ]

Supernatural / Mystery
Serial Experiments lain - It's Deep [ ]
Elfen Lied - Personally, I don't like it, but you might [ ]
Death Note - Decent show ruined by the fanbase, Ladies. [ ]

Romance / Harem
Clannad - ;_; [ ]
School days - Summed up as 'Wow, I didn't see that coming' [ I don't have a non-spoiler picture ]
Yosuga no Sora - Guy moves to the country, has sex with every female being in sight [ ]
Girls Bravo - Borderline Hentai [ I don't have a safe for work picture ]

Google 'Anime recommendation charts' for more.

[size=150]How to watch[/size]
Summing it up, that's completely up to you, there's three main options, Torrenting, Direct Downloading (DDL) or Streaming
- Can be faster for larger files
- has a massive library,
- Excellent quality
- Fast releases
- Easy to download full seasons
- No waiting once it downloads
- The downloads often die
- May take a while depending on your download speed
- Takes up Hard Drive space

- Fast
- Decent quality
- Easy to download single shows
- No waiting once it downloads
- Often hard to find
- Takes up hard drive space

- Fast to watch
- Takes up minimal space
- Easy to find
- Poor quality
- Can't watch when offline
- May need to let it buffer multiple times
- Often can only watch for a certain amount of time (megavideo)
- Advertisements
- Can't change subtitle appearance

So really, it's entirely up to you.

[size=150]Random Tips[/size]
There's no point in trying to outsmart akinator, he knows all.
Here's a massive amount of reaction images
Some sites for wallpapers

Well, that was fun, I'll add more later on, just in case I missed anything."

RandomGuard's the lord of anime. :3

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